We are an atelier of wedding dresses with Bohemian Folk spirit. We make genuine traditional sewing with fabrics ranging from 1850 to 1930. We recover impressive lace, beadings and antique embroidery.
Our aim is to rescue the tradition of making custom-made dresses by hand to create designs full of beauty. Unique and exclusive. Like our brides.

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Laura Escribano modelando un vestido de novia

Wedding dresses with a Bohemian Folk spirit

Working with history and especially with love stories is exciting. Every day I find new anecdotes.
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novias bohemias philodendron


Philodendron plants are a metaphor for the purest love. The love that is built on hugs and sincere affection. Its tropical origin, its colour and the beauty of its leaves inspired to create a wedding photo shoot of tropical background. For bohemian and youthful brides.
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“For me a dress is history. Art and life design blend different generations in an artistic and emotional way.”